As the case often is with design processes, one idea gives birth to another and so on…

This is exatcly what happened to us as we worked on the Seconds GMT. During the creation of the seconds GMT our goal was to appeal to the avid traveller. Hours of discussions amongst the team regarding what we think are essentials things for the modern day traveller we decided that the release of a GMT watch simply wasn’t enough…


During our trips back and forth to Portugal. We’ve had time to visit with many tanneries and have gained a good understanding of the leather tanning process.

Leather is one of the oldest materials used for creating objects. And process of treating it stayed more or less the same for a very long time. But as the demand for a faster production of larger quantities grew, the processes changed.

Today there are many ways of producing leather, some results in a product that is quite fair to the enviroment, some not so much.

No matter how you choose to treat it, the properties of leather as a material is undoubtedly unique.

As this project aims towards the modern traveller we couldn’t help but ask ourselves. Is there a modern material more suitable?

Finally we chose to work with an ecological micro fiber that offers way more options for our up coming projects. We are still evaluating more tanneries and might revisit the idea of a line in full leather but the advantages of using the recycled micro fiber are many. Except it is ecologically friendly it also have a lot of technical benefits. You can wash it in 60 degrees, light weight 265 g/m, it is breathable and last but not least it is a very resisting material with a long life cycle.

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